Must-Know Insurance Tips From MetzWood Advisors

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June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day! As a 110-year-old insurance agency, we know the ins and outs of insurance and are committed to educating our community about best practices for protecting your assets. To celebrate one of our favorite days of the year, our specialists have shared their must-know insurance tips that everyone should be aware of. 

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Inventory items in your home

“Taking a video inventory of the items in your home, especially valuables, can be incredibly helpful if you ever have a claim and need to verify the losses you’re claiming. Otherwise, it can be hard to remember (or hard for insurance companies to verify) the items impacted by the loss!” – Annie Wood, Hiring & Project Coordinator

Update your insurance about life changes

“Keep us in the loop on your life events like paying off mortgages and car loans, household members moving in and out, child on the way, beginning retirement, vehicle use changing, etc. You never know what might add up to better coverage or extra savings until you talk to us!” – Andrea Girolamo, Service Assistant

Tell your insurance about home renovations

“With your home, keep us updated on any changes like major home updates (roof, plumbing, electric), planned renovations or additions, or if you added a generator. All of these can impact your policy! Likewise, if you have changes in exposure, like if you're offering short-term rentals or have business exposures, let your insurance company know so you have the proper coverage in place.” – Amy Clifford, Service Advisor

Consider an accident prevention course

“With your auto policy, consider taking an accident prevention course to help reduce your premium. Additionally, if you have a youthful driver on your policy, check with us to see if they're eligible for discounts like the good student credit or if they qualify as ‘away at school without a vehicle.” – Amy Clifford, Service Advisor

Increase your rental car coverage

“Rental cars cost much more than they used to, so think of upping your coverage before you need it (and it usually costs relatively little to increase).” – Jared Gallup, Service Advisor

Regularly review your coverage

“With the recent and ongoing inflation, I would strongly recommend reviewing the coverage on your home. Doing an updated replacement cost estimator every few years can help with any gaps in coverage (or maybe even too much coverage). Review your home protective devices. Many carriers are now offering credits for cameras, self-monitoring alarms, generators, and more.” – Amanda Briscoe, Sales Advisor

Cover your jewelry separately

“One of the most common myths about insurance is that home insurance covers jewelry, but there are limitations and exclusions. When it comes to theft or mysterious disappearances, most policies will limit all jewelry to just $1,500. Higher valued items should be appraised and scheduled.” – Tracy Ruggiero, Service Advisor

Find opportunities for insurance discounts

“Taking a defensive driving course not only provides a discount on your insurance but is also a great refresher for safety tips while driving. Additionally, any safety features that are added to your home can potentially provide a discount like hard-wired generators, automatic water valve shut off, and central alarm systems. Don't forget to let us know if you've had any of these installed!” – Sue Tuttle, Service Advisor

As a homeowner, driver, and/or community member, it’s helpful to know the ins and outs of insurance. At MetzWood, we have years of experience in insuring our community and can share our insights with you. Our skilled advisors have a knack for making your policy easy to understand so you can make empowered choices.

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