Insurance Considerations for Newlyweds

Getting married is more than signing some paperwork—it’s a legal and financial union. At MetzWood Insurance, we understand that adjusting your insurance policies is a crucial step in building a secure future together. Here's how you can navigate these important changes.

Review and Combine Insurance Policies

Begin by collecting all your insurance documents for automobiles, homes, personal items, and health. MetzWood can help you review these policies to identify gaps or overlaps in coverage and discuss potential discounts for married couples. Remember, marriage is a "Qualifying Life Event," which allows you to make changes without waiting for the open enrollment period.

Specific Adjustments Needed:

  • Auto and Property Insurance: Combine your auto insurance policies to save money and adjust your homeowner's or renter's insurance to reflect your new living arrangements and combined assets.
  • Health Insurance: Decide if you’ll share a plan or keep individual coverage, considering factors like premiums, deductibles, and in-network benefits.
  • Life and Umbrella Insurance: Now is a prime time to consider life insurance options to protect your joint future, taking advantage of lower rates for younger, healthier individuals. Adding your spouse to your umbrella policy also extends your liability coverage, which is especially important now that you’re legally recognized as one unit.

Update Documentation and Consult Your Insurance Representative

Update all beneficiary information on your policies and financial accounts to reflect your new marital status. Notify your job’s HR department of the marriage to update records and possibly issue new insurance cards.

With changes in your personal life, it might also be time to reassess who manages your insurance. Whether sticking with current agents or looking for new ones, ensure they are attentive to your needs and offer competitive options for combined policies. Our agents at MetzWood Insurance are dedicated to building strong, personalized relationships with our clients.

Plan Proactively for Future Changes

Effective insurance management requires ongoing attention. Regularly review and adjust your policies with MetzWood Insurance to match life changes, such as family expansion or purchasing a new property. Being proactive ensures that your insurance coverage evolves with your needs, providing peace of mind as you build your life together.

For more information, reach out to a MetzWood representative to discuss the future of your insurance.