Growing Your Family: A MetzWood Insurance Guide

Life has a beautiful way of constantly evolving, and one of the most transformative experiences one can have is the growth of a family. Adding another member to your family is a  pivotal change that can affect your insurance needs–and we would know, because MetzWood CEO Matt just welcomed his first child in June! Here's a guide to understanding those adjustments across various insurance domains.

Home Insurance

Space and Belongings: With the addition of new family members, you might find yourself relocating to a larger space or purchasing new belongings. It's crucial to update your home insurance policy to reflect the increased value of your home and possessions.

Safety Measures: Children necessitate safety precautions. Installing features like baby gates, pool fences, or window guards might qualify you for insurance discounts.

Life Insurance

Increased Coverage: The addition of a family member, especially a child, generally means more financial responsibilities. It's wise to re-evaluate your life insurance policy to ensure it offers sufficient coverage, ensuring financial stability for your family in unforeseen circumstances.

Beneficiary Updates: Make sure to update or add beneficiaries, especially for your new family members. You'd want to ensure that in a worst-case scenario, any finances go to those you intend to support.

Rental Insurance

Value of Personal Possessions: It's likely you'll acquire more belongings as your family grows. This can include baby furniture, toys, and more, and those costs add up! It's essential to increase the personal property coverage in your rental insurance to account for these new items.

Liability Coverage: Kids are unpredictable. If they accidentally cause damage to the rental property or harm a visitor, having adequate liability coverage in your rental insurance can shield you from potential financial burdens.

Liability Insurance

Umbrella Policies: With a growing family, consider investing in an umbrella policy. This provides additional liability protection beyond what's covered in your home or auto insurance, offering an extra layer of security against potential lawsuits or claims.

Pets and Play Equipment: If you add a pet to your family or install play equipment, your risk of someone getting injured on your property might increase. Boost your liability coverage to reflect these changes.

As your family grows, it's more than just the number of members that change; it's the dynamic, responsibilities, and risks. It's vital to ensure that amid all the joy and challenges, you are adequately insured. Schedule regular check-ins with your insurance agent, communicate your changing needs, and adapt your coverage accordingly. 

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