April Showers Mean You Need Flood Insurance

April's frequent showers can lead to more than just blooming flowers; they also increase the risk of flooding. This makes understanding flood risks particularly crucial this time of year. Floods can stem from a variety of sources such as inland or tidal water overflow, rapid surface water accumulation, mudflows, and land subsidence.

Many homeowners and renters are unaware that standard insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Given that floods have affected 99% of U.S. counties since 1996, this gap in coverage can lead to substantial financial losses. 

Costs and Policy Details

The cost of flood insurance varies by location and flood risk. In New York, premiums can range from $609 to $2,636. Understanding the rates for different flood zones can help you budget appropriately:

  • High-risk zones: Average $2,019 per year.
  • Moderate to low-risk zones: Average $671 per year.
  • Undetermined risk zones: Average $923 per year.

Understanding the details of flood insurance coverage becomes crucial to protect your property from the damages caused by floods, which are not typically covered under standard homeowners or renters policies. Building coverage protects the home’s structure and integral systems such as HVAC, along with providing funds for debris cleanup. Contents coverage is optional but crucial for protecting your personal belongings. Certain areas of your home, especially basements and crawl spaces, have coverage limitations, which is important to consider when purchasing a policy.

Proactive Measures Post-Flood

Should you experience flood damage, it's vital to start the claim process immediately. Keeping an updated home inventory and safely storing important documents will streamline this process. Moreover, MetzWood Insurance is here to support you through potential recovery avenues, including facilitating the process of claims and providing guidance on disaster assistance if needed.

At MetzWood Insurance, we understand the complexities of flood risk, especially during unpredictable spring storms. We are dedicated to providing you with tailored insurance solutions that ensure your property is fully protected against floods. 

For more information or to explore flood insurance options, get in touch with a MetzWood representative today! 

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