You know that clients don’t just rely on you to find them their dream home.  In addition to scouring the MLS for the perfect property, you are also a part-time therapist, financial advisor, and concierge.

Your clients look to you as their guide for all things in the home-buying process.  Providing proactive recommendations to reliable partners lets your clients know you have their best interests at heart.  

Referring MetzWood early in the process gets your clients on a path to close as soon as possible. We have built our business around supporting the Real Estate industry and our team views ourselves as an extension of your business.  

With all of the things that can go sideways, make the smart choice by referring MetzWood Insurance. With our All Deals Close Guarantee, we ensure that you never have to worry about insurance derailing your deal.

All Deals Close Guarantee
When you refer to MetzWood we guarantee that all your deals close! If insurance is ever the reason a deal falls through, we will donate $500 to a charity of your choice.

As the Top-Rated Insurance Agency in New York, you know that your clients will be taken care of.  MetzWood has earned our strong reputation by providing dependable insurance solutions for over 100 years.  We make it quick and easy for your clients to review the best options from over 20 insurance companies.

In addition to helping your clients, we have a referral program where MetzWood donates to charity for every referral we receive. At the same time, you are enterted to win cash and prizes as well. A real win-win-win!